Write SQL and run analytics in Google Sheets

Connect databases write SQL queries, analyze your data, and automate dashboards all without leaving Sheets. Query other Sheets, CSVs, Excel, and JSON data sources without exporting / importing. It just works.

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Thanks for hunting us @arunsathiya! Probably a little early for us to be here since we're still smoothing some things out, I hope everyone will understand! I built SeekWell because I was tired of the disconnect between writing SQL and sharing a final analysis. I'd often "misplace" queries that were connected to a report and have to rewrite them to recreate a report. Also, coworkers that didn't know SQL would have to ask for data to be updated in shared spreadsheets. SeekWell solves all these problems by delivering query results directly to Google Sheets. You can automate dozens of queries to run at once and enable non-technical users to update reports on their own. You can also schedule reports to update automatically. Query results can be delivered to a specific cell, pivot table or even directly to a chart. I just finished a bunch more features this weekend including autocomplete (both SQL commands as well as table and column names), date formatting (I've always hated working with dates, so I made it easier), and pivot tables. Most of these features are controlled using a JSON (tentatively called "++j") which prevents you from having to fool around with a bunch of drop downs. All the manipulations you've made on the raw SQL results are saved in the JSON so you can easily save any manipulations you've made for next time or paste them into a new sheet. These will all be live in the next couple days, but here's a sneak peak:
This is awesome. I was just looking for a tool that does exactly this! My one concern (at my work) is around data privacy, as employers are putting this on extra lock down lately
@swetzequity Completely fair concern. SeekWell is meant to speed up analytics and automate workflows for data you'd already feel comfortable sharing in Sheets (and thus trusting on Google's servers). In fact, if you're using MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle, your data never touches SeekWell's servers, everything is run thru Google. Google currently doesn't support Postgres thru Sheets, so we're rolling our own solution for that and privacy and security is our top priority in designing it (we won't survive without it!).
@swetzequity For anyone that was waiting on Postgres, we launched it in Beta yesterday, let me know if you have any issues.
Incredibly useful for product managers for putting together reports quickly within Sheets. Nice work!
@nickyhynes Thanks Nick! Let me know if you'd like a quick demo, happy to jump on a hangout with you (or anyone else that's interested).