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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2018

Seedproof is where startup ideas stand or fall on their own merits.

Your startup should be all about making an awesome product, not about becoming a marketing guru just to find out if you have a good idea. We'll take care of getting you feedback so you can focus on building something people want. 🚀


  • Alex CirceiCEO Waydev, Inc.

    nice initiative


    more data

    I would like to connect an investor though your platform.

    Alex Circei has used this product for one day.


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Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
Hey, thanks for checking out Seedproof 👋 This is our beta so please let us know what we can do to make it more valuable to you and your startup. Our goal is for ideas to stand or fall on their own merit - no marketing or PPC required. We will make sure other founders see your ideas and give you feedback. Many of my ideas were things nobody wanted, but I spent a lot of time on them because I thought the product would be cool. But if you're like me at all you really don't want to create something nobody wants. Seedproof is a platform to help all of us make things people want. Here's how it works: 1. Share your startup idea 💡 2. We ensure others vote it up/down and leave feedback ✔️ ❌ 💬 3. You can see all of your stats and get the direction/support you need to move forward 🚀 If you'd like to check it out: 🙏 Thanks again! Andrew
Edward Vasquez@edwardvasquezdr · Founder of
I like the idea but I think the design of the web could improve, it's all tight
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@edwardvasquezdr thank you! We have a lot of improvement to do!!
I like the new trend of apps dedicated to idea validation! Lean startups will have a new tool in their box!
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@osmanbassam thanks for the kind words!! I's much more efficient
adam webber@adamwebber ·
What were the steps that you took to validate your idea for Seedproof? Thanks!
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@adamwebber haha I was surprised nobody asked that yet!! But I couldn't really...I had to create a functional site and launch a beta product to validate. Thankfully, Seedproof got a lot of interest today. But it's easy (for me) to waste a lot of time building something only to find that I'm the only one who wants it. I'd love to get your thoughts?!
adam webber@adamwebber ·
@awt thanks for the reply. I am kicking around an idea so I’ll try posting it up to Seedproof. Do you have analytics that help validate an idea? I love the Seedproof idea, my suggestion would be to team up with someone who has good frontend UI skills and make the site feel super legit like Quora, Dribble and other communities where people post their questions and work to. Once I try it out I’ll send more feedback on the experience. Thanks.
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@adamwebber okay thanks. I'll be glad to hear what you think. Probably should have spent more time on the UI and waited to release this. Honestly I didn't know the response on day 1 would be this big!! So definitely have some catch up to do on the UX
Jake Mor@jakemor · Cofounder, CTO at MajorityRules
@adamwebber @awt great job so far!
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@jakemor thanks!!
Andy Zhang@andyz · CTO | Foldercrate
Nice concept, I think some fonts are a bit too big in my opinion though
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@andyz really appreciate the feedback. this is a really good makes it hard to read on some devices!! thank you
Andy Zhang@andyz · CTO | Foldercrate
@awt Np, will there be a possiblity to comment on ideas? Cause I think that would make the page even much more worthy (Hope I didn't just oversee it).
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt · Trying to make things people want
@andyz thanks! Yes, if you vote up/down there is an opportunity to leave feedback! We need to do some more testing/work on the UX to make it more intuitive and yet still valuable... Glad for your thoughts!