Quickly improve your investor pitch deck 🎀

Seedpitch is where you go to get improvement advice for your investor pitch deck. Upload your deck and let the community give you feedback.

Hey @awt, What's been the most difficult aspect of building this app?
@jacqvon the toughest thing is building a community! PH has set the bar very high :) All of the value for people on our app comes from the community itself so our challenge is to create an environment for interaction to thrive.
@jacqvon thanks for reaching out!!
Hey, we just added Seedpitch to Seedproof. It should be a simple way to get some improvement advice from the community to help you improve your investor pitch deck. Please leave a comment about what you like/dislike so we can make it more valuable. πŸ™ Thanks for checking it out!
Here is the direct link to check out other pitch decks: