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If you are an entrepreneur, we just posted an update on the passage of Regulation A yesterday and what it might mean for your business:
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@ryanfeit Gosh, this is huge. It's the first time I've been impressed with the SEC since I became aware of them in 2004 when I got my first job on Wall Street.
With the recent news coming out in regards to Reg A yesterday... Crowdfunding just got real serious.
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We've also just launched a low-key behind-the-scenes blog where we are talking about the things that we have been learning from building the product
I love the SeedInvest platform. It makes getting angel investors herded so easy and provides investors all the info they need to make smart decisions and track paperwork.
One of the most interesting aspects of Reg A is the ability for shares to be traded on a secondary market immediately, creating instant liquidity, unlike deals done today under Reg D. That being said, the market will take time to develop and creating a liquid secondary market for small companies is easier said than done (just ask @barrysilbert of @SecondMarket). But there are real players taking a hard look, including @nasdaq. Good article a few days ago by @AJZeoli on this topic: