Seed is an online bank and platform for your business.

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This is brilliant. - Would love to see this in Canada, - more info on transaction costs, and - more information (and support) on ACH. Thank you.
@tehsin681 We're only available in the US for now, but we plan to expand internationally. We're building our stack with support for multiple languages and currencies from the start, and our platform is flexible enough to work with any bank partner, so we hope to serve you soon! Let me know what your specific questions are about costs and ACH, or drop me a line at and I'll be happy to help.
Hey there, I'm Brian Merritt, CEO and Co-founder of SEED. Ask me anything! We launched our API last week, and our first members are working with it. We're inviting new members as quickly as possible, so please join the waiting list if you'd like early access. We're hard at work on our next launch. You'll hear about it first here on ProductHunt. :)
We'd like to offer the ProductHunt community a special offer. When you sign up, respond to the email to let me know that you found us via ProductHunt. I'll put you on our early access list and we'll give you your first three months free. SEED <3 Product Hunt
@btmerr sweet. Any news as to how much it will cost after the 3 months?
@_jacksmith We haven't announced pricing yet, but our goal is provide tiers of service with the lowest tier being affordable for almost any company.
Based on traditional business banking, I think everyone will agree we all need this yesterday. But, as someone working with the US business banking system, I can assure you we need this more than you'd even think. It's completely fucked up on an infinite number of levels, and I'm confident @btmerr and @hollywoodcpa can solve this.
@hollywoodcpa @stefanobernardi Thanks Stefano. We started SEED because we are dedicated to helping business owners thrive. We agree that traditional banks have been holding the business community back for too long. To offer a better way, we're building our service in the best interests of the business owner and orienting everything we do around what is best for our members.