See Your Visitors

Realtime visual tracking of your site visitors

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This is great :) was super easy to install too
@KristoferTM Easy install is what sold me. :)
+1 for the super simple signup flow. Does it differentiate between mobile and web though? If you muddle these heat maps together, it won't mean much. cc @jasonyogeshshah who created Heatdata.
@rrhoover Definitely fun to play with and super simple. Curious about the web/mobile split Ryan asked about. Personally, I wonder what one can infer from say, scrolls. Clicks and 'move' (not sure exactly how that's being defined) are likely more tied to intent, so it's great that you all track that, too. But looking at my scroll behavior on the landing page, while fun, probably is more misleading than informative, if one tries to synthesize and make sense of it all. Anyways, cool service and let me know if I can share anything from building HeatData (
I really like the heatmap demo right when you visit the page -- great selling point.