Security Checklist

A checklist of resources for online privacy and security.

  • Jonathan Simcoe
    Jonathan SimcoeFuturist, with reservations. //////\

    Great round up of essential privacy-focused services



    This list is going to become increasingly important the more we understand how large tech corporation are using and abusing our personal data. I hope Brian's list continues to grow and evolve and become the go-to place to find great services that respect user's privacy.

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  • Grant McCall
    Grant McCallFounder and Head of Product at Rounded

    Simple, clear security information and tips that anyone can follow.


    None really.

    Great resource overall, the resource links under each headline are particular useful.

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👋 This was a weekend project that kicked off after a recent episode of Design Details where we talked about online privacy and security ( I'm really excited to have this be open source so that we can hopefully grow and refine the list over time :)
This is a fantastic checklist. – “Be safe on the internet.”
Two very big thumbs up! 👍🏽👍🏽
This is an amazing resource! Thanks for putting this together @brian_lovin!
Wonderful resource! I love the fact that it’s not just a checklist but offers links to informative articles