Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Everything you want (and need) to know about raising VC $

Whether you're trying to get a new company off the ground or scale an existing business to the next level, you need to understand how VCs think. In Secrets of Sand Hill Road, Scott Kupor, Managing Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, explains it all.
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The book is a compilation of all of the questions I've received from entrepreneurs over the last 10 years about whether and how to raise VC and how best to get the most out of your VC relationship. I've tried to de-mystify what has historically been a black box in the hope that shining a light on the VC industry will encourage more entrepreneurship.
Plug: It was a pleasure having @skupor on Product Hunt Radio to chat about the book and venture ecosystem broadly. @skupor, what's the most non-intuitive or surprising advice you have for founders raising from VCs?
@rrhoover don't understimate the importance of team. At the early stage, the decision to invest often hinges on team, more so than market or product. The critical question is "Why you?" What makes this team uniquely qualified to win the market vs any of the others that might come along? What do you know - and how did you learn that - that is different from others that gives you an advantage? Big markets are competitive, so execution matters and teams execute.