"How do you solve a riddle that poses no question?"
Try to uncover the secret purpose behind each riddle. Poke it, move it and look at it from all angles, because both problem and solution are hidden in plain sight.
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My friend Wouter finally released his fantastic puzzle game. I have seen him work on this for a long time, sweating the details to create a very unique experience: a game where the point of the game is to figure out the point.
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@flarup Really enjoyed the game, and which is why I have featured the game in my July's top free apps list. Lemme know if you wanna check out that! You can add the link here on this post too!
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@alphahunter That's cool! Where's the list? :)
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@wwalmink PM'ed you, please check!
Thanks for the hunt, @flarup ! A bit about the game and the thoughts behind it: THE GAME Most puzzle games follow an age-old recipe: here are the rules, there is your goal. Use logic and deduction to work your way through a series of similar puzzles with increasing difficulty. Secret Signs is different. It’s a collection of standalone visual riddles that come with no instruction. The point is to figure out what the point is, and to do so you’ll need a big dose of imagination of creativity. Each riddle is inspired by a theme, ranging from everyday objects to impossible shapes, ancient symbols and modern technology. Solve a riddle and it will share its story, celebrating our human ingenuity—and your tenacity to uncover it. THE GAME'S PHILOSOPHY The game sparked from a seeming paradox: “How do you solve a riddle that doesn’t pose a question?” It sounds like a Zen koan with no answer, but created a curious breed of puzzles. Testing a prototype back in summer 2013, I saw how people enjoyed deducing function and meaning themselves. Compared to most puzzle games, it is more similar to how we learn things in real life: making hypotheses about what we perceive and then seeing if those patterns hold up... can you tell I just had a baby? 👶 Designing each riddle, I searched for the least amount of form and behaviour needed to keep its meaning just within reach. As an additional design challenge, each riddle’s solution should rely only on basic knowledge (like how to tie your shoes) or human intuition (like harmony over chaos). With each riddle unique and being a solo project, it took 6 years to get from proof-of-concept to released product 😅 This design approach may explain why I’ve seen the game captivate 6-year-olds and hardcore puzzlers alike. Why don’t you give it a go and see if you can read the secret signs?
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P.S. The music was created by the talented Michael Callesen and will soon be released on its own. As one App Store review said, it would be great as a relaxing background to international flights 😄
It's beautifully designed and I love the little pieces of information at the end of the puzzles <3
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@wrnk Thanks for the kind words, Weronika!

Love the idea and find it relaxing. Especially love the little trivia bits after each puzzle because it's possible to accidentally solve them so to know what was supposed to be done and why is really cool.


Relaxing, unique and fun.


Needs more levels! I bought the remaining 16 levels but I'll be waiting (im)patiently for more levels.

Hi Darren, thanks for your kind words :) The trivia afterwards was a little idea that I stumbled upon along the way and which I thought was fun because I hadn't seen it done before like that. Turns out to be one of people's favourite parts! Being a solo project and each level being unique, making levels is time-intensive (how I envy those template puzzles!). If the game is well-received, I'll definitely consider making more levels. How about a series of physics riddles...? If discovered it just today and already completed all levels, then you sound like an avid puzzler :)
That is pretty fun, just downloaded it and already showed to five people. Thanks for sharing!
@felipedaraujo Cool to hear you're keen on showing it to others! The share option at the end of each level: does that work for you too, to share with others? If not, what could make it better?
@wwalmink I actually didn't use the share option inside the app. I just went around the house and showed to some family members.