Secret Ponchos

Spaghetti Western PvP shooter

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I just watched TotalBiscuit's "WTF is..." first impression video and I gotta say, I'm super stoked about this. The art style is awesome, and I love how fast-paced it is. It feels like I could just jump on and play a few quick games, which really suits my gaming style. Thanks for posting!
Hey all, I am Tony Tsang, a co-founder and an artist at Switchblade Monkeys, developers of Secret Ponchos. I am glad Product Hunt is interested in the Game! If anyone has any questions or feedback about the game, let me know. I will answer the question about the game the best I can!
@papadaikon Hey Tony! Glad to have you here! I have to ask, where did the inspiration come from for the name Switchblade Monkeys? It's great! Also, what would you say was the most challenging and the most rewarding moment of the development process for Secret Ponchos?
@jakecrump @papadaikon Hey Jake! The inspiration for the name Switchblade Monkeys is actually a pretty funny story. Yousuf, our creative director wanted to the team to come up with a name by combining a weapon and an animal. "Monkey" was a given, and our 3D Artist is a switchblade collector so we came up with the name Switchblade Monkeys. As for the most challenging part of development – it's actually what we are working on right now. As a group of developers with many years of experience, we are very good at addressing development related issues. But marketing and promoting the game is something we are still learning. So it's great that we have groups like Product Hunt interested in the game. The most rewarding moment was when we went to EVO 2015 and we had some pro Street Fighter and Smash Bros. competitors playing and loving the game. They really helped us build confidence for PC launch.
I really like the character designs in this game. Kind of reminds me of an isometric version of Red Dead Revolver's PvP mode.