Swap your seat on the fly.

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Seatswap lets you swap your airline seat in an anonymous, simple and reliable way. Don't like where you're sitting? Dying for an upgrade? Want to sell your business class ticket? Use Seatswap to sell your own seat (a downgrade) or to purchase someone else's (an upgrade). All it takes is 3 simple steps: 1. Go to on any device 2. Place your seat / Search for a seat 3. Swap and earn some extra cash / upgrade your seat at a good price. No match? No worries, we'll notify you when a seat becomes available. We use seat numbers only: no personal details are exchanged at any time. Notifications go via plain-old SMS/text messages, so no data connection is required (e.g. when you're abroad). Seatswap works on desktop and mobile. It's proudly built in Amsterdam, and available worldwide. Want to get in touch? Have ideas about how we can improve? Email me at or call me on +31 20 7000 000.
@guensberg so what is the break through growth idea? Tap into trip advisor?
@tribaling Hi there. We're not sure yet. Could be TripAdvisor/Booking/etc. (integrations), airliners (incentive at booking/check-in), a social element (referrals, discounts, etc), oldfashioned marketing at airports, or something completely different. Would love to hear your thoughts Elia and PH community.
@guensberg I would start investigating the APIs for trip adviser/ booking etc and see if you can somehow connect with people traveling airlines
the challenge is to get users to know the app when they actually need it...
@ourielohayon Agreed and will airlines actively try and discourage it's use. However, it's an excellent concept, well done! I hope you find a way to push mass adoption. Perhaps partnering with someone like a that could propel this to be a Stubhub type offering.
@benjaminefox @ourielohayon Absolutely Ouriel and Ben, agreeing with you both. As often, adoption is key for our platform to have value. Partnerships are definitely an option we're 'actively investigating'. Partnering with Kayak-like parties could be interesting, as could working together with the airliners themselves. Yes: the may not be able to charge current prices for attractive seating, but Seatswap offers a great opportunity for the airline companies to offer the value that customers want (and, perhaps, have more and more come to expect nowadays). Look forward to hearing what you think.
Awesome concept! I would suggest removing the flight time as mandatory and add "Airline" as a search field. It should be enough to know the date and flight path. Search should reveal all flights that day.
@benjaminefox Great suggestion Ben. This one is on our list and should be one of the features of our next release. Ideally keying in your flight number (including carrier code) and date, will suggest the right flight(s) for you immediately.
How can this be enforced. What happens when there is a disagreement, and someone pays but doesn't get the upgrade?
@pykler Hi Hatem, great question! This is exactly the reason we implemented a 'grace period' that starts when you swap and ends 5 minutes before the scheduled departure. We hold the money in escrow and once the grace period end we transfer it. At any time one of the parties can cancel the swap, with or without reason, via SMS. This will immediately revert the swap and we'll transfer the funds back to the original payer. In addition, if both parties 'OK' the swap at any time, that will make the swap defninitive, thus ending the somewhat uncertain grace period immediately for both swappers. Again, all of this goes via our central SMS number (to avoid data roaming costs): at no time will either swapper know anything more about the other person than their seat number.
Nice idea! no app yet? @guensberg
@shyrosenzweig That's right Shy. We started with a completely webbased app, based on SMS for all communication once you're on the road. Apps are in the works for iOS/Android (going for a lightweight 'native shell' approach), but we're first seeing how the community receives Seatswap to best determine what to build next. :-)