Reserve a seat at cafe & office from people there

Seatify enables you to earn money at a cafe, office, house or any space anywhere. The fast and easy way to take, or get, seats almost anywhere. From cafe to an office, the empty room in your house to public facilities - all the spaces you know and love.

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This looks like a more affordable Breather. What cities are you currently focused on, @shun_yamada?
@rrhoover Thanks for your interest, I'm now focusing on BayArea :)
I would love to use this product in my country.
Thanks, currently that app works in SanFrancisco still. I'll try to spread that more!
Hey @shun_yamada, This seems like a tricky way to make money. How has it been going?
@jacqvon That's a good question. At commercial space, hosts have to provide the seat for FREE. But we're planning to be a partnership with them in the near future.
So is this like air bnb but for office space by the hour?
Interesting, what happened to the project? Any updates?
@jsmirandaiii Yeah, we update an app day by day 😉