Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.

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James Lee@jleebiz ·
This is pretty awesome. Thanks for making it! Any plans to make an angular directive port?
Julian LloydMaker@jlmakes
@jleebiz The very first feature request was for a JavaScript API, which after some time, is now up next on the roadmap… ng-sr could be a great follow-up.
James Lee@jleebiz ·
@julianlloyd @jleebiz looking forward to it
Julian LloydMaker@jlmakes
This is awesome!! …and well — just dropped the hammer. v2.0.0 is live! Edit: Bumped to v2.0.1. Fixed a bug with config.viewport and event binding, and fixed a bug where animations weren’t firing on Safari (sorry mobile ProductHunters). Also, I’ve finally completed combing through all GitHub issues — made sure they contain up-to-date information with v2, and are accurately tagged. Thanks!
Calvin Wilson@cvlvn · Senior Product Designer at Girlboss
@julianlloyd Aww yeah! Great stuff!!
Mike Khristo@mike_khristo
@julianlloyd good to see you here!
Rod Austin@webtech · Growth Hacker, Developer
Love this one. We're using it on
Julian LloydMaker@jlmakes
@webtech Ha, awesome! Thanks Rod!
Honey Raj Varma@raj_ventures · Raj Ventures, R&Ds
Great work @Julianlloyd, I've always loved the ideas of dynamic content and pre-loading, especially when in multi-directions - great work!
Julian LloydMaker@jlmakes
@raj_ventures Thank you! Bi-directional reveal animation was the top feature request when I first launched, so I made a point to support vFactor ( in both directions as well for v2. Cheers!