Scriptable's features include:

Siri Shortcuts

Run scripts from Siri Shortcuts. Present tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri.

Native APIs

Integrate with the native APIs of iOS directly from JavaScript.

Share Sheet Extension

Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs.

and so much more!

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8 Reviews5.0/5
good thing
could we have concrete examples ? Its not clear how this works on a closed platform as IOS
ex i wish to change "voice and data" settings by script, can it be done ?
If you want to do something which isn't available out of the box in iOS just write a script and execute with Scriptable. It has also a Shortcuts integration. Highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to automate any possible tasks.
Scriptable is fantastic! I have already used it to create a weightlifting plate calculator, and without much javascript experience it actually works :)
Just “wow” - what a great concept and v1 shows so much promise. Still a few bugs in there, but this could be IFTTT levels huge if you keep refining it.