Scribe 2.0

Interactive Slack Workflows For Sales, Support, Tech & More

The most configurable Slack assistant to collaboratively manage your complex business processes with simplicity and ease.

Scribe integrates with most popular workplace apps such as Email, Calendar, CRMs and more. You can configure workflows to send data from any of your SAAS apps to Slack, modify it in real time, and send it back to anywhere else

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36 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunters, I’m @rutikamuchhala , one of the founders of Scribe. I’m really honored to be launching here today! @katmanalac thank you for hunting us. Scribe helps you build interactive workflows - so you can now do a lot of your work directly in Slack! As one of our customers put it Step 1: is like your mother 👩 nudging you with relevant info in a channel message or DM 😀 Step 2: you have self-configured buttons that you can simply click to take an action in ANY app Step 3: Voila, you’re done. 👏 For example, sales teams can build workflows originating from Gmail, Salesforce, Calendar, Stripe - with hundreds of possible actions like Reply to Email, Log Email in Salesforce, etc. You can also use webhooks to connect ANY other app you use. Our other customers use Scribe to trigger their complex ML pipelines and code deployments right from their Slack mobile app, and don’t have to worry about being in front of their machine all the time. 👏👏 One cool feature our customers love, is that you can attach custom GIFs to each notification based on the text you provide or text from incoming event data! Imagine closing a deal and getting a cool GIF on a #sales-team to celebrate :D ⚡⚡ Are there some softwares that you hate using, because of their terrible UX? Are there micro-tasks that you forget to do? Are you often left waiting for your teammates to respond to your queries? We want to hear more about this 🙋🙋, please let us know and we’d love to help you. We are looking to PH to get feedback on the product, as well as get ideas for new use cases and integrations that you guys might want! ⚡⚡ And of course, we’ll be here to answer questions :) Cheers, Rutika

Excellent product! Like seriously, I can reply to my mails via slack! Wow


I can update my crm from slack!! Just saves my time


I want to be able to update every other damn app I use at work via slack!!!! Please make it possible? Or I will die switching tabs

We are adding more and more apps - Stripe is the newest addition. What other apps do you want us to prioritize?

The Scribe team is just amazing - they are super responsive to requests.


I manage marketing, creative teams & agencies. Scribe has unified communication - made it fast and transparent.


Haven't come across any challenges so far.

Thanks Kanishk! Your feedback has really helped us improve the user experience..

I am constantly running ML jobs, which also keep breaking all the time😅. Earlier I would run a model in the gpu server during office hours and wake up next day to the horror that the model was overfit/underfit or broke due to some or the other thing. Thanks to scribe enabled workflows, I now get a slack notification when the job is completed(with super funny GIF's) and I can update parameters real time, rerun the training and I'm set !! I cant imagine a day without scribe !! Kickass product. 😁


Scribe is a life saver for ML jobs😎. Helps me stay on my toes by sending notifications of job completions and i can run scripts on the go!


Cant wait to get my hands on more automated workflows.

Glad you like us Apoorva. Would love to help you setup with more of your deployment needs as well :)
Tried for automating ml workflow... really liked it.
@harish_rathor thanks for trying us! Glad you liked it, would love to know how we can be even more helpful.