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All the sheet music, books and comics you want for $9/month

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Thanks for hunting us @justinkan, and thanks everyone for the support. Happy to answer any questions.
Interesting addition to Scribd. Why sheet music, @tripadler?
@rrhoover - Sheet music has long been one of the most frequently requested content verticals from our community, so it was a natural addition. We are excited to bring even more value to our subscribers and to connect them with many different types of content while helping publishers reach new audiences.
This is really good
@mbalex99 Thanks! I agree :)
Where do they source sheet music? From my experience it is hard to get permission to sell from all the different sources.
@joshdance We have a partnership with sheet music publisher Hal Leonard. We offer more than 2,600 digital songbooks across all genres.
Hey @tripadler what is the market opportunity here? Is there enough demand to sustain something like this long-term?
Hey @bentossell - Sheet music is a $250M market. I don't see any reason why we can't do this long term.
@tripadler holy sheet - had no idea it was so big! :) What would you like to get from the PH community?
@bentossell - We would love for the musicians in the PH community to check it out and let us know what they think. There are many musicians in the Scribd office (myself included), and we are excited to hear what everyone thinks!
@tripadler Cool @yuvalkaminka and also @earslap may be of interest :)