Screenshots Mate

Organize screenshots on your iPhone and sync with Dropbox

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Definitely would alleviate a pain point I have. I'm a screenshot whore. But I wonder if $5.99 is the right price point. Thoughts?
@simonlea_ @simonlea_ Glad to know it would fix your problem with screenshots. 😀 I priced it at $5.99 to make it sustainable and sane, to continue to improve and maintain this app for my users.
Hey guys, I built this app for app developers/designers/journalists - people who have to work with many screenshots day to day. I hate it that my photos are mixed with screenshots from work. 😔 So with my app, I can import screenshots into it to free up my photo library�. Anyways, here's my typical workflow with Screenshots Mate: 1. App finds all screenshots from my photo library 2. Select all or a few screenshots 3. Move them into a folder in the app 4. Delete all screenshots from photo library Imported folders are synced to Dropbox, where I can continue my work on the desktop. Would be happy to answer your questions or get your feedback on the app! BTW, here are 20 promo codes for the Product Hunt community!
@ngszekiat great idea, think this really solves a problem. $5,99 is a little steep pricepoint but I understand where you're coming from.
@bramk Thanks Bram! Any features you would look forward to?
@ngszekiat see if you can connect with the peepz from Tailor ;)
I've been using Screenshotter and been a fan. It's also Free so wondering if there are any big benefits to yours over this one? Also, wondering how you know what photos in an album are screenshots? Do you just scan the file names?
@kristofertm Screenshots Mate syncs to Dropbox and supports iTunes file sharing. The Dropbox sync is very handy when I’m trying to access my screenshots on a PC or my Android tablet, places where iCloud Drive doesn’t exist. Scanning of file names wouldn’t work. iOS doesn’t tag screenshots with any special detail, I’ve to make the app perform several checks against each photo in order to filter out the screenshots.