Screenshot PRO

Easily search and organize your screenshots (iOS App)

Screenshot PRO is the iOS App that will allow you to find your screenshots by searching within the text they contain, organizing them by adding tags, protecting them with FaceID and compressing them to save space on your device
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunters 👋 How many screenshots have you saved on your device? Do you have the photo library full of disorganized and hardly accessible screenshots? In Beatcode (our company) we had this problem and we wanted to solve it ... so we created Screenshot PRO! Screenshot PRO is the application that allows you to manage all your screenshots by categorizing them and making the text they contain searchable. With Screenshot PRO you can: 🔍 Search within the text contained in each screenshot (only for Latin languages) ↗️ Export the text of each screenshot 🏷 Tag your screenshots to better organize them 🔒 Protect your data: all screenshots will be protected with Face ID, Touch ID or numeric code 🗜 Compress the size of your screenshots (about 60%) without compromising quality and readability 🧹 Automatically import all screenshots in Screenshot PRO ⭐️ Quickly save and access your favorite screenshots We look forward to receive your feedback on how to improve the app or to know what you think about Screenshot PRO! Screenshot PRO is now available for iOS only but we are already working on the Android version so ... stay tuned!
Cool app! May I ask you where OCR elaboration takes place? Do you upload images somewhere to detect text?
Hi @scott34793718, we care about your privacy and we developed an Machine Learning algorithm that takes place on your device, we are not uploading anything to any server.
Very cool Idea and execution. I take a million screenshots and I am constantly searching them.
Sweet app. I just downloaded it and sent a request to the feedback link. Can I please get a promotional code to access premium usage. Pretty please?? Thanks!
@haitianwatcher just sent you a promo code via mail!
@haitianwatcher @neobeppe I'd love to give it a go too if you have any spare codes. Thanks
Giuseppe, Awesome! Got the promotional code and applied it. Super app. Loving it already. Now I can tackle those pesky screenshots! Thanks so much. App review coming up Sir! Have a great day!