Make your app screenshot-proof!

ScreenShieldKit’s patent-pending technology protects the sensitive content in your iOS app from screenshots, screen recordings, and more.

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I'll ask the obvious question: What's to stop someone from capturing it with another device?
@jbschaff valid concern but I am wondering if that is an edge case and this is more geared towards the general case? @jbrod wanna chime in? I was reading about this tech in a totally different so it's cool that you are here =) thanks!
As an alternative you could always build the functionality yourself.
@abhimuralidharan @karnlund so true. Although I love it as a ready to use package. I was wondering how that could be "patent-pending"
@abhimuralidharan @karnlund It looks like the blog post you linked to only allows you to detect screen captures, but ScreenShieldKit seems to prevent screenshots from ever being taken by blanking out the content before the screenshot occurs.
@abhimuralidharan @mergesort it's the same mechanism. A screenshot is just one frame of a screen capture.
@abhimuralidharan @karnlund It can't be the same mechanism, since that `isCaptured` property is only fired after a video recording is started and captured content, and this SDK seems to prevent it from ever being recorded in the first place. Also in reading the blog post it doesn't seem to handle screenshots, so I'm pretty certain it can't be the same mechanism.
@abhimuralidharan @mergesort In the Medium post he never states for screenshots, but he does state that he looking for a solution to screenshots. I just ran his sample and it does indeed allow screenshot. So I checked for a global notification and I found UIApplicationUserDidTakeScreenshotNotification.
Smart move. I've always been a fan of how Confide, the secure and ephemeral messaging app, protects against screenshots in private messaging. @jbrod and team – Is ScreenShieldKit free? I didn't find any pricing details on the site.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. No, we're charging a licensing fee but are currently offering introductory pricing.
Great job!! 😊
Next Snapchat acquisition..