Lock Screen Messaging App for Android

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Yunha Kim
CEO, Simple Habit
Hey guys, we're super excited to announce ScreenPop. ScreenPop is a lock screen messaging app that allows you to send a photo directly to your friends’ lock screen so it's the first thing they will see. They won't have to unlock the phone or open an app to see what you sent them. We hope to make sharing faster and more direct than ever with the lock screen messaging. Try it out and please share with your thoughts with us :) Download ScreenPop for free from Google Play ->
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I'm fascinated by lockscreen apps. It's arguably the most valuable piece of digital real-estate, considering how frequently we use our phone every day. Unfortunately, this isn't possible (yet?) on iOS.... and now I know what Android user FOMO feels like. LokLok was the first lockscreen messenger I came across 8 months ago.
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