Screenful Metrics for GitHub is a visual dashboard for GitHub issues

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Thanks Hiten for hunting us :) Hi everyone, I'm the founder of Screenful. We decided to build a dashboard for GitHub as there didn't seem to be a good one around and GitHub's own analytics features are somewhat limited. Right now the dashboard shows metrics about issues and pull requests but in the future we plan in include some code metrics as well. Let us know in the comments what you'd like see added! We have a native desktop clients for Windows and Mac, and a TV mode so that you can easily rotate screens on a big monitor at the office. Here's a live demo containing data from some popular open source projects. Feel free to play around but please don't change the credentials as they're shared. We have a PRODUCT HUNT EXCLUSIVE!! Get 20% off for the first 12 months with the code HUNT2017. This applies to subscriptions made during the June 2017. Would love to get your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
Screenful is quite useful when it comes to visualizing a team's status and progress, whether you are on the go on your phone or watching a big screen in the office. Now they integrate with GitHub Issues and help track and visualize progress. Worth trying out for your team!
This looks great. Any plans to add 1 click github login?
@eonpilot most likely we'll be adding github login in the future but currently you have to create a separate account.
@samilinnanvuo Is github sign in dificult? because if you have it t lowers the entry bar a lot.
@eonpilot the GitHub sign in itself is not difficult but we have make it play with our current user management model, which can cause some complexities. But on a longer run I see it the right way to go.
@samilinnanvuo I really think its the key to onboard githubbers. As its safe and people are comfortable just signing in and trying things out. Also you they revoke the "app" if it wasn't for them. Which is a great way to manage subscriptions. Like I try out anything that has github sign in. CodeCov wasn't for me but CodeBeat was. So I stuck with them. But the main point is here that it took me no time at all to just try 3-4 code quality services before plunging in. Then just revoke the ones I didn't like. That's my use-case anyways. Hope it helps.