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Burnup charts and metrics for Asana

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Instant visual dashboards and automated team status reports for Asana. Capture your key metrics and spot bottlenecks in your workflow. Get a quick overview of your team's status on your smartphone or tablet. Maximize the effect by installing a large visible display.

Gevorg Harutyunyan
Eduard Ghazanchyan
Henrikh Abajyan
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  • Yuri Barseghyan
    Yuri BarseghyanSenior Software Engineer, Nokia

    Intuitive UI, wonderful visualisation.


    Not so far

    Very useful for small to mid size teams.

    Yuri Barseghyan has used this product for one week.
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Sami Linnanvuo
Sami LinnanvuoMaker@samilinnanvuo · CEO
Hi everyone, I'm the founder of Screenful. We decided to build a dashboard for Asana as we thought Asana is a great tool for tracking your tasks but could do a better job on the reporting side, especially if you're using it for tracking bigger projects with several stakeholders. You can learn more about this release by reading the release notes We have a live demo on our website so you can take a look with some sample data. We have a PRODUCT HUNT EXCLUSIVE!! Get 20% off for the first 12 months with the code HUNT2018. This applies to subscriptions made during the Jan 2018. Would love to get your feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
Matheus Guerra Costa
Matheus Guerra Costa@matheusguerra · Growth Hacker @ 12min
@samilinnanvuo Awesome product!! Beautiful UI, great tools! Congratulations ;)
Sjoerd Handgraaf
Sjoerd Handgraaf@sjoerdhandgraaf · Growth and such @Sharetribe
It looks awesome. Here's the direct link to the Asana demo btw: For those like me who had trouble finding it :D
Sami Linnanvuo
Sami LinnanvuoMaker@samilinnanvuo · CEO
Thanks a lot for comments and upvotes! We also have versions for Jira, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker, and GitHub: To see what features we're adding next, take a look at our public roadmap:
Gevorg Harutyunyan
Gevorg Harutyunyan@mad4extreme · ModularCode
Sprints, Milestones and Timing should be really handy and helpful!