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Charles Magnuson@magnuson · Professional Consumer
This software is ridiculously over priced. The features they add in between each version upgrade are largely useless. The only real reason to upgrade have been small refinements to the UI, which is definitely not worth the $130 they request for each new version. Obtaining the upgrade price has been a difficult exercise when I've attempted to do it in the past. Additionally, if you have two computers, the developers do NOT allow you to use the program on both of your machines. Instead, you are forced to pay $130 for each machine you use Screenflow on. This is absurd and an insult to the user. While Screenflow is the best screencasting software available for Mac, the developers are not generous people and they certainly don't think of their users very highly.
Travis Brodeen@teq · Crowdfunding Advocate, Entrepreneur
@magnuson I don't know if I consider it the best Mac app, I give that to OBS (which is 100% freeware). It doesn't need render time to save your video and you get almost the same features, with a less elegant interface. But to be honest I use both, OBS when I am doing something big and Screenflow if I need something short (1-3 minutes). The longer videos in screenflow end up needing to render and can take quite awhile for 30 minute-60 minute type videos. Even on beefier machines it's still pretty slow, when OBS renders real time and you never have to 'export' it.
Nate@xnutsive · CEO at Amplifr
@magnuson Ummm but upgrade is $39, not $130.
Alex @tpbtv
@teq OBS does what screenflow does and doesn’t humiliate creators.
Travis Brodeen@teq · Crowdfunding Advocate, Entrepreneur
@tpbtv Honestly curious, what do you mean by humiliate? thanks
Travis Brodeen@teq · Crowdfunding Advocate, Entrepreneur
@magnuson @xnutsive Agreed. I do feel like I'm upgrading it more often than most other programs though. i.e. "Major version updates" would qualify as "minor" for most companies I support.
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@teq @tpbtv I use both OBS and Screenflow every day for different purposes. Aside from a method of recording your screen, that is basically their only similarity. Screenflow is a much more professional app that lets you do a lot of post-production management of your recording, whereas OBS is record once and you're done. So Screenflow lets you highlight your cursor, magnify it, adjust audio levels, clean up audio, adjust colors, zoom in, pan, tilt (even adjust on z-axis), and more, all after the recording was completed. It is like a non-destructive recording. I can record once and then export completely different videos because it records non-destructive feeds from web-cams, audio inputs, computer audio, and even iPhone screens. It also has a pretty powerful editor so many of my films never need to be pulled into Adobe Premier (although to be fair its editing is no where as advanced as premier, but its still pretty good in its own right). I can't tell you how many times I look at an OBS recording only to find that one audio feed is too loud and another is too weak or something like that. Once you've recorded with OBS, its over. You can always pull it into Premier and split it and cut it and stuff, but you can't move web cam feeds, fade them out and fade them back in, or adjust audio feeds independently, throughout the video, it is all just one compiled video. Not saying OBS is bad, I use it for certain things when that is all I need. It has its' role, but there is definitely value that comes with Screenflow that OBS doesn't even begin to touch. It becomes much easier to see when you record your screen for a living or as a common practice and need a more professional approach than OBS. However, if you just want to record your screen here and there for quick demonstrations for people or something like that, then I can totally understand why someone would think OBS is good enough and Screenflow is not worth the $130. PS - What do you mean by "humiliating creators". I am a creator that uses screenflow almost every day. I have never felt "humiliated". I legitimately am curious what you mean by that.
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@magnuson This is why you need to buy the app from their website and not from the Mac App store. From their website they will sell you an upgrade version which is only $39 (previous upgrades were only $29 i remember). So you don't have to pay the full price between upgrades. At $39 it is easier to swallow the upgrade path, but i do agree that the features they add between upgrades are minor incremental upgrades. It is difficult to justify a full new version. As for the multiple computers thing. I have the version from their website (not the app store) and I haven't had any problems running it on 2 computers. I run it on a Macbook and a Mac Mini and haven't had any problems yet.
Alex @tpbtv
@teq Creators (i.e creatives in almost every industry) generally don’t have money to throw around when software like OBS does the same. It is fine with me that they are targeting the market demographic of people who have money to spend here and there but they should also understand that many are on low budgets. Ergo can’t afford to throw money at something like this. However, I know and have tested the software. It is very good and lovely to use. Super easy to make quick tutorials.
Travis Brodeen@teq · Crowdfunding Advocate, Entrepreneur
@tpbtv @_jacurtis Good feedback, these are features I don't use but very valid counter-argument.
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Quite the pricey app ($129.99 new, $39 paid upgrade) but one of the better independent apps for editing video and authoring screen and device recordings. New in Version 7: MP4 Editing Performance Improvements Smooth and seamless editing of MP4 video files in the timeline. 60 fps Timeline Toggle between 30 and 60 frames per second in the editing timeline. Text Animation Effects Choose from a handful of built in animation effects for all your text boxes. Play Clips in Reverse Flip your video clips in the timeline to play them in reverse. Custom Hotkey Mapping Set up hotkeys for all of your most used actions to personalize your Screenflow experience. Updated UI Theme Slight redesigns and a new dark UI theme make ScreenFlow 7 easier to use and better looking. OLED Touch Bar Support Using a new new MacBook Pro? Take advantage of the new controls on the OLED touch bar. Multi-Pass x264 & Quick Sync Export Multiple new export options for complete control over video quality, size and export time. & Export We’ve added and to our ever expanding list of popular direct export destinations. Automatic Export Options Simpler and more straightforward export options optimized for time or file size. New Apple Audio & Audio Filter UI UI support for Apple Audio Units (AUBandpass e.g.) and compatible audio filters. Fine tuning audio has never been easier. Recording Audio Mixing Setup When using an audio interface, customize our audio mix once, and save it for every project. Audio Rendering Progress Meter New progress meter for rendering audio waveforms keeps you informed on the work being done behind the scenes. New Library Functionality Easier to use media library and a global library function for easy access to elements used in multiple projects. Enhanced Motion Blur Adjust the intensity of motion blur on export. Especially useful for the new text animations!
Henry Brown@henrycabrown · Customer Acquisition at PageCloud
Upgraded, looks and feels similar to the previous version. One feature that was removed which has weakened this product for me is the ability to manually select the scaling ratio when exporting to GIF. It was super helpful when creating GIFs that needed to be under twitter's 15MB threshhold. So for example, a GIF export might have been too large when exported at "50%" of the original size, but it was just under 15MB at "43%". Perfect! To figure that out, I would just slowly decrease the % by 1-2 from 50, which would automatically resize the GIF, until I exported something that was the right size. Now, you can only choose from 4 pre-set sizes: 25% 50% 75% & 100%. If you want to find something in between, you need to manually calculate the sizes and input them. So, if I had a recording at 1256x708 and needed to downsize it to something I thought would get it under 15MB, let's say 43%, I would need to multiply both those numbers by 0.43 and then export to see what the export size was. If I'm off, I need to then multiply them both by 0.42 etc etc
Collin Davis@lumbadoja · CTO, WheelsTV
How about good old QT screen recording?
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@lumbadoja You're comparing Apple to Oranges. It is like comparing Windows Movie Maker to something like Adobe Premier and Adobe Aftereffects. Or comparing Microsoft Paint to Photoshop.
Collin Davis@lumbadoja · CTO, WheelsTV
@_jacurtis didn't intend to make comparisons. Just a simple alternative for basic screen recording. Your analogies are correct in terms of how ScreenFlow is far superior.
Connor Bowlan@connorbowlan · Location Nerd | Cintric (acq. '17)
I'm a huge fan of Sceenflow as a simple editing tool for product demos. The ease of use and ability to quickly add graphic frames around a demo make this a go-to for me. As others have mentioned though, this is a little pricey.