Record screencast in your Chrome tab

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I have been waiting on something like this for awhile.
I used this a few months back on a couple of class projects and was quite pleased with the ease of use.
@robertwilliger Same, and youtube upload make it even more pleasant. Btw, having dealt with mediarecording/encoding in chrome, I'm quite amazed at how fast and precise it is.
Nice! It would be even better if you could select elements within the tab when you go to record, (eg, you could just select the youtube video panel) so that you don't need to crop. FastOne Capture does this really well
We used Screencastify to create a product walkthrough. It works really well, the other apps in the Chrome Store are inferior. Will probably upgrade to remove the watermark and go full screen for the final version. If you want to see a demo:
Does it work on Firefox :)