Screen Flow

Screen recording and editing for Mac

I've been using Screen Flow for 6 years now. Solid, simple to use and nice editing features. Recommended.
@ugurkaner same, I was about to say that this is quite an old app now in internet years. I used to use it all the time for presentation style videos on YouTube where I could show my face in the corner while also sharing my screen.
I use Screenflow regularly for creating tutorial screencasts for my software. I tried many things before settling on it. Features I particularly like and use regularly: 1. Webcam of myself as I perform tutorial (shown in corner of screen). 2. Pan and zoom (focusing on parts of the screen that are important). 3. Easy jump-cuts to remove dead space. The editing features of screenflow make it so I don't really need to script things. I just sit down and do it. Then edit it. Written versions of tutorials can then be based on the screencast with screenshots just taken directly from the screencast. If you don't need *any* editing ability or web-cam integration, the built-in screen recording feature of movie player will be sufficient. Step up to Screenflow if you need a little bit more.