Scratch It

Scratch-and-win cards for the internet

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pretty interesting idea here. anyone see anything like this before?
@benhoffman_ never before... looks pretty cool. I like the psychology behind it.
Should we use this in the Product Hunt daily emails? Scratch to see yesterday's top products! ;)
@rrhoover haha it would be like opening a present everyday.
@rrhoover if you would like to send a weekly Scratch-it for the top products we would be happy to hook you up!
@benhoffman_ That kind of emails was very popular in 2000, 2001 and it was inside emails...but Webmails completely remove this possibility. I still own the domain since 2000 ;-)
@jberrebi @benhoffman_ We started as a destination site and quickly realized how effective it is to email scratch-its. You can't scratch inside email but we still see 20x engagement over any other email format.