Scratch by InVision

A UI Kit to create, collect, and share recipes.

Over 100 components/symbols, 10 core screens, and 3 artboard sizes, the Scratch UI Kit by InVision is designed with the idea that food should be shared—anywhere, anytime.
Available for both Studio and Sketch.
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Clark Valberg
CEO at
Hey Product Hunt! Are you constantly salivating over the thought of your next meal at grandma’s house? Would you like to collect and share her recipes with the world, and create your own recipe book with meals from others? The Scratch UI Kit might just be that first step to get you there. This UI Kit comes with everything you need to create a recipe creating, sharing, and collecting app, so you can build a repertoire of recipes on mobile to desktop devices. Oh, and it has a component sheet so you can easily change the kit to make it truly yours. What do you think? We’re excited to see what you come up with!