Scout APM

Developer-friendly app monitoring

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Scout saves you time by highlighting performance problems, filtering out noise, and eliminating guess work.

Scout automatically tracks and surfaces N+1 database queries, sources of memory bloat, and performance abnormalities for Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, and Elixir. PHP and Node are reportedly on the way.

  • Ryan Buckley

    Super easy to install in Heroku and works amazing out of the box.


    Add-ons are extra, otherwise a really nice price point.

    Found on Heroku marketplace and never looked back.

    Ryan Buckley has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, super easy to use


    The status emails could be a bit more helpful

    My preferred tool for improving my rails apps performance

    Doug Breaker has used this product for one year.
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Eric Berry
Eric Berry@coderberry · Founder of CodeFund
We've been using Scout for a while now and couldn't be happier. Our product is an advertising platform and real-time metrics are critical for us to get. Scout has helped us respond quickly to issues that have caused ad delivery latency (which affects our bottom line). I highly recommend them!
Eamon Leonard
Eamon LeonardMaker@eamonleonard
@coderberry Thanks so much Eric! We're delighted we could help. You guys rock!
Ben Lang
Ben LangHunter@benln · Shipping
Came across this product recently through a friend while looking for a New Relic alternative. So far 10/10, would recommend for Ruby, Python, or Elixir apps.
Eamon Leonard
Eamon LeonardMaker@eamonleonard
@benln Thanks so much for hunting us! Hi Everyone! It's kind of a weird feeling for Scout to be hunted, as we've been around quite a while (before Product Hunt was even a thing!) A little bit about us: - we exist for one reason: to make it extremely easy for developers to find and address bottlenecks and performance issues in their apps. - we have long been focused on helping Ruby developers, and last year we started to bring our experience in performance monitoring to the Python and Elixir communities. - this year will see us roll out support for PHP, NodeJS and Java. - we are a distributed team of 12 people, across USA, Japan and Ireland (where I am, if you're in Europe, say hi! ) If you'd like to know more, check out our docs: Finally, if you want to poke around in some of our code, have a look at our agents: - Ruby: - Python: - Elixir:
Scott Watermasysk
Scott Watermasysk@scottw · Co-Founder, KickoffLabs
Recently switched from New Relic as well and could not be happier. Great insights and a simple interface.
Eamon Leonard
Eamon LeonardMaker@eamonleonard
@scottw Thanks so much Scott!
Carol Mc Keon
Carol Mc Keon@carol_mc_keon · CEO & Founder of DataKraft
Just saying Hi Eamon! Good to see you on here ! C