Share your workspace with shoppable photos

Be inspired by 1000+ setups and discover tried-and-true products with interactive photos. You can now shop directly, or ask about an item in a photo with just one click. Share your setup anywhere as a URL, which creators can use to earn affiliate income.
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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹, A big thank you to @chrismessina for hunting us! πŸ™ Being an avid fan of r/workspaces and r/battlestations, I noticed that many Reddit users were often asking about the products used in those setup photos. At the same time, an increasing number of creators, Twitch streamers and YouTubers were showcasing their own setups across various social media. Based on this observation, is created as a website for sharing your setup with interactive shoppable photos. Scooget allows you to: - Get inspired by cool WFH, gaming, minimal, etc setups. - Discover products that others are using in their setups easily i.e. social proof. - Share your setup with shoppable photos to social media, or anywhere with a URL. - Monetize through affiliates. - Upvote your favourite setups with leaderboards under different #hashtags. - Engage with creators and setup enthusiasts. - Contests This is our first launch in Product Hunt and I’m really excited to introduce a new β€˜Click-to-Ask’ on photo feature. You can now ask or comment directly on anything in a photo, which will extend our shoppable photo feature. With this, Scooget aims to re-imagine the way we use photos for sharing. I’ll be around to answer any questions you might have. You can also reach me via Twitter. Thanks a lot for supporting us and we look forward to your comments and feedback πŸ€—
Great product, @galennyc ! I have been a big fan of both subreddits you mentioned and I love how it's an extension to that.
@sebastiancrossa Thank you Sebastian for your kind words. It's really great to hear as I've been racking my brain on how to add value to these specific use cases. Do let me know if there're any features you'd like to have πŸ™
Fun to browse! I'm surprised at how few standing desks there are. Any way to check out or filter for standing desk setups?
@pddro Thanks Pedro! I did a search for "standing" using the top navbar and found only one which is custom made Frankly I'm quite surprised myself haha. Looks like a #standingdesks contest might be in order πŸ˜…
Please feel free to AMA. Thanks πŸ™
Congratulations, @galennyc! Looks good!
@bigpager Thank you Michael! 😊