Turn scientific discoveries into startups

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Hey everybody Enrike from SciStart here… So excited to come out of stealth on Product Hunt today! SciStart has developed a unique solution to solve this growing problem. Via a mechanism called "startup initiation", we enable tech transfer officers, scientists and entrepreneurs to evaluate, spin off and fund their technologies. In other words, we help bridge the gap between technology and startup creation. This is a community effort that involves interaction among technology owners, subject field experts and other enablers. Together we can create the next generation of science-based companies.
How does it work? At each stage, I'm curious. Who are the 'experts'? How do you help assemble a team and resources?
What's the background of the startup founders of this venture? That's incredibly important.
As a PHD student this immediately caught my eye... Would love to see the creators answer some of the questions posted: who are the experts? How do you assemble the resources?
I'm with @bentossell on this, I'm intrigued about this! I'm definitely not a science guy but I love seeing new things like this