Add new features to Slack adds features to Slack, such as polls, recurring messages, scheduling messages and private messages, auto-reply....

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TLTR : is a simple SAAS platform that allow you to schedule messages for Slack. 3 main reasons why we created it: - I read a lot of things on the web and I'm very tempted to share them with my team. Sharing all at the same time is annoying for everyone and people doesn't look at all the items I share, they look at the last one. Scheduling my messages increase their reach naturally - I’m working with several companies, all using Slack. If I want to share the same informations, I need to go to each Slack team. With, I can send directly on multiple teams - simply to choose when I want to announce something Feel free to try it on We have a free plan. Any feedback (and share) would be very appreciated :)
@jeremybenmoussa Do you think Slack will add this feature themselves? I feel like this use case is usually for the bigger communities on slack but they dont seem to have a focus on those - I wonder if they will soon start adding things so that those slack communities can grow.
@bentossell You're right. It's mainly for big communities or for announcements. But I don't believe Slack will add it. The focus of Slack is to create addiction to his product by being a "real-time only" tool.
@jeremybenmoussa hmm I dont believe that to be true, if there were a 'real-time only' focus they could add messages being deleted after X minutes or whatever. Its a communication tool and one that (arguably) can help with productivity and replaces email for some. I think Slack will implement this feature themselves but potentially not to cater for the big slack communities, but maybe for communication to customers. As Facebook messenger allows this and there are ways to do this via Slack already, they could branch out here too.
@bentossell Time will tell. Actually it would be a great idea to add this feature in Slack :)
This is a feature, not a product. I think you're going to have a hard time convincing people to pay for this. Nevertheless, it's a good idea and something I can see other products implementing in the future (@Buffer or even @slack)
@ebsalberto I believe Slack should. Maybe Buffer will. But why do you consider Buffer as a product and not Basically, Buffer is a social sharing tool, we're a Slack sharing tool (for now).
@jeremybenmoussa You said it, buffer is for social sharing, so direct impact for teams, and it does more than that (social sharing alone is a feature). Scheduling Slack messages is something someone in a team would be willing to do, so when it's inside the product it's 'nice, it does that too'. I'm not saying schedul can't evolve to a product, I'm just saying it isn't one at the moment.
@ebsalberto I hope what we'll add to in the coming weeks will make you change your mind :)
@jeremybenmoussa sounds great! best of luck
I've long wanted Buffer for Slack for my 4am bursts of inspiration - nice job guys!
@arieljalali Thank you. I'm definitely in the same case. BTW, great work with Sensay :)
Love this! It's like Buffer all of my Slack groups 😻
Honest question, no troll here... did you guys get any push-back on your use of colors for your icon/brand as it is pretty close (uses same colors as far as I can tell) as the Slack logotype and brand? via Slack: >"Design your site with unique branding and logos. Do not copy or imitate the look and feel of the Slack website or apps, as this could create user confusion." Only reason I'm asking is because I was thinking about something similar...!
@8bit Thanks for the question. We've actually been debating about that and we decided to use the same colors to create a clear link with Slack. However, I believe it's clear that we are no affiliated to Slack. If someday guys @ Slack ask us to modify the logo, we'll do it without question. For now, we believe it's a good one :)