Sniff out the sentiment in your conversations.

Scenty helps you sniff out the sentiment of your conversations:
👃 Set keywords for sentiment tracking
👃 Analyze text
👃 Interpretation of your sentiment data
👃 Catch the scent of your company culture, employee strengths & more
👃 Build with the Scenty API
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Hey Hunters! I’m Sharné, a Hi5 Hero. We just launched a new side project, called 👃Scenty - a simple sentiment tracker for your conversations. Why did we build this? Oftentimes, you receive feedback from co-workers or clients in email or social media and struggle to gauge whether it’s really good or bad. So we decided to launch a simple, online sentiment tracker tool to help you catch the scent of your conversations. Scenty is not only for Hi5 users, but for everyone looking to gauge the sentiment of their conversations. Find out whether you have an amazing or toxic company culture based on your values, analyse the strengths of your employees based on reviews, or check on customer experience based on feedback. More info at:
Nice work. Any plans on integration the product in communication tools like Slack?
@lachlankirkwood We're checking the uptake first and will look into integrations later. For now we have the API available to anyone who would like to create their own integration :)
Add a feature to import my Facebook data. And then analyze the sentiments from it
@iannleon That's a cool idea Ian! We'll check out uploads as an alternative option to copy-paste
Really like the idea. Great work !
@mikedane7 Thanks Mike! We really appreciate the support! Is this something you would use?