Keap’s subscription-style, try-before-you-buy candle service

Hey Producthunters, and thanks for the hunt Chris! Thanks for checking us out, happy to answer any questions. Use code PRODUCTHUNT for 15% off any order (through 11/4). It's been fun road getting Keap here, from leaving Google, to learning about fragrance, to launching a Kickstarter, to manufacturing candles in Brooklyn. FastCo wrote a nice piece on some of the design philosophy we took from Google --> candles. Steve
@stephentracy Hey Stephen! This is a great idea and would love to try (as a prolific buyer of candles...) - however - I keep clicking on 'Get it' and tried the direct URL as well, but can't get to the page :( Please fix soon - I wanna check it out!
@raiza_abubakar it appears that this is related to the massive DDoS attack taking place.
@chrismessina 0_0 Thanks - very helpful to know!
@raiza_abubakar @chrismessina yep, indeed. We're hosted on Shopify and they're suffering major outages today. Seems we're in good company
Keap, a company kickstarted by two ex-Googlers, is continuing its mission to bring high quality, clean, direct-to-consumer candles in four fragrances at reasonable prices. With this new subscription and sampler set (highlighted by Dwell this month), they've made it easier to try out their product and then get regular replacements every month. I'm a big fan of their four initial scents and am excited for more people to get the chance to sample their product!
Candles are pretty cool ;-)