Create 3D scenes faster and with less hassle.

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Thank you very much for the hunt Inês! :) Sceelix is a software that allows Game and VR developers to create 3D scenes and other content faster and in a more manageable way. With Sceelix you define the creation rules and parameters of your scene (city, forrest, interiors, even whole planets) through a visual language which you can then integrate directly into Unity (other engines will follow). You can also integrate Sceelix directly into your game and have a different scene everytime you play :) We bring efficiency, consistency and less repetitive manual work, and for that we... WELCOME YOU TO THE 3D INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION! Get 20% off with the ProductHunt promo code 'producthunt20'! | |
@franciscora Congratulations on the fantastic launch! :)
Super excited with the launch of Sceelix! Have been following their work and I'm truly impressed with what they have built. In a very smart and smooth way, Sceelix helps you create and Manage your 3D Scenes. Ideal for indie developers!!
Great product by a great team!
Impressive technology. Well done!
@felipeacosta Thank you Felipe! much appreciated!
This looks impressive! Does it run on MacOSX? Which OSs do you support?
@brunohq Good question! We currently support windows and are working on MacOS and Linux versions. We should have further developments in that front in the next couple of months ;)