An augmented reality scavenger hunt for cash prizes

#4 Product of the DayAugust 05, 2019
Scavenger is an AR scavenger hunt where players can win hundreds of real dollars. The game is built upon a network of clues that are placed in cities across the United States. We're utilizing mixed reality to create the most engaging experience for players.
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** Fun Announcement ** Since there's a heavy bias of users who use Product Hunt located in San Fransisco, we've decided to launch a treasure hunt in SF in celebration of our launch. 💲Good Luck 💲 Hey everyone! My partner and I built Scavenger because we noticed a real gap in the social gaming market. We could see the right components in other games. But, for some reason, no one had hit on combining them creatively and effectively to make something that was truly compelling. So far, we've reached over 1k MAU since launching in early July, and now have recurring games in Chicago with plans to expand in the coming months. We are just getting started 😊 We hope you enjoy, every bit of feedback is welcomed!
Lol, you guys could have been a little more creative with the naming ;) Also those sceneries for your product screenshots…
@arthurschiller_ Funny enough we were *so* close to naming it Scavengar, having never seen your product, but we decided Scavenger would be easier for people to find and remember ;) Hope you like Scavenger!!
@arthurschiller_ @kyle_zappitell Eh, it's clearly harmless. It's an obvious name, considering what it does. And yeah, e is better than a :)
@arthurschiller_ @kyle_zappitell what Kyle said. We came so close! Glad you have a sense of humor about it! Also, I'll make sure to find a different non-graffitied alleyway next time!
Perfect for exploring new places.
It's a fun game overall and great for getting out and walking around for a bit of exercise but decoding these accented letters and symbols is mind numbing!
@mj_thomas Thanks Thomas - @everyone this guy is a pro and keeps winning our hunts 😂
@harry_stephens @karanganesan Sorry! We are only focused on the US as of now - different countries have different laws on cash prizes 😊. We will make sure to add India to the international expansion list!
@karanganesan @kyle_zappitell we have quite a bit of interest coming from India based on other feedback like this! We're excited about the opportunity for sure.