Scanwell Health UTI Test

Test and treat UTIs from your smartphone

Scanwell is a modern diagnostics company. We've created the only at-home UTI test with same-day treatment options. Get test results in 2 minutes and immediately connect to treatment, all from your smartphone.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Nice work, @candace_kim and team. (For those unaware, ~60% of women have at least one UTI in their lifetime from reports I've read so something like this could be very helpful for a lot of people) We're seeing a rise in at-home health diagnosis. This is the first UTI testing product I've seen in this category. Did something change that enabled this technology or service, Candace?
Stephen Chen
Founder & CEO, Scanwell Health
@rrhoover Thanks for the comment! Smartphone technology is now at a point where it can really be leveraged to do a variety of pretty amazing things in healthcare — all from the comfort of your own home. More importantly, the FDA is also becoming more and more receptive to technologies like ours. While we obtained the first 510(k) clearance in the smartphone-based urinalysis space, there have since been several other similar clearances, which is very encouraging for all involved 💪
Khaled KteilyFounder & CEO of Legacy
Very impressed with the product. Tried it as I work in a similar space; found it easy to use with your smartphone, quick and straightforward results. Overall great customer experience!
@khaledkteily Thanks for your kind words! And so cool to hear you had a great experience with the test and app!
Great work @candace_kim and @petnostics ! You love to see it
@rjjkenny Thanks for the support, as always! 👊
Hi Product Hunt! Meet Scanwell! We're making healthcare more accessible through smartphone-enabled diagnostics. Our flagship product is the first FDA-cleared, at-home UTI test and treatment service. By taking the same urine test performed in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, etc. and making it accessible to anyone who has a Scanwell UTI test kit and a smartphone, we've allowed people to avoid the time and expense of in-person doctor visits without sacrificing quality of care.