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This week we’re coming at you from the Facebook Tel Aviv office, where we were lucky to meet up with Melissa Hajj (@melissahajj) . Melissa is the head of Facebook’s core growth design team, whose stated mission is connecting the next billion people to Facebook (no big deal). Melissa was full of insights and gave us great ideas for improving organizational structure, design leadership, and for creating the ideal work environment. An hour with her was just not enough. With me in this show are @dmtintner (@similarweb, @hackingui) and @noamliss (@similarweb)
I got 20 quotes in the first 10 minutes from @melissahajj Thanks @sagishrieber #knowledgedrop #design #management #podcast
@ongarrett haha you're welcome 😄 yeah @melissahajj is awesome :)
@ongarrett @melissahajj @sagishrieber She's the best. I learned so much in the discussion
Whoops sorry guys, here's the mp3 embed: