A fun way to stay in touch with your team, wherever they are

A super quick way to stay in touch with your remote team.
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I love little products, especially ones that are super easy to use and feel like a toy. SayHi is one of those. It's the fastest way to stay in touch with co-workers, digitally. I've used the product and find it to be fun and easy plus surprising at times. Find out for yourself!
Thanks @hnshah ! We are a distributed team and we love the setup. The one thing that was missing is a way to see each other, for a little bit, everyday. that's why we built πŸ‘‹Say Hi As a distributed team, we do our job with async, uninterrupted work. All coordination happens via documents. We generally shy away from tools that force us to share all the time, at the same time. We feel those tools are forcing a co-located M.O unto a distributed team. πŸ‘‹ Say Hi is a place to quickly stop by, Say Hi, and get on with your live. A photo or quick video goes a really long way fostering a sense of belonging and connection. We built it as a chrome extension so that it would be easy to access; it is super fun to see your co workers every day but it is also and easy, fast and efficient experience. We have been using πŸ‘‹ Say Hi internally and love it. I hope it's as valuable to you all as it is to us.
Can be useful ;) Interesting idea...
Super easy to say Hii . gr8 product