Easily accept 7+ cryptocurrencies in your shop or app.

Savvy is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies💰in your SaaS or ecommerce business. We support 7 cryptocurrencies with more on the way.

We currently support:

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic and more soon.

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Hey Product Hunt 👋, Dimitry here. Our team is excited to launch in beta after months of work and development. We’re launching with 7 cryptocurrencies and 3 fully-functional integrations. We’ve got an aggressive roadmap in the works and are working on a multi currency wallet, invoicing system, and other key features. Take a look around our product and let us know what you think, registration is completely free. :) We’ve also just announced a partnership with the folks over at They’re a really talented team and we’ll be working with them to provide financial stability for all PayBear users. I’ll be here to answer any questions about our team, product and what we’re working toward :)
@dimitry_apollonsky nice work! Do you have plans to integrate shopify?
@john_asbury Hey John, we've reached out to them about an integration - but haven't heard back quite yet. Hopefully soon!
@dimitry_apollonsky i already have a product i'm building, using paybear - started today!
@john_asbury @dimitry_apollonsky Hey Dimitry, I can try to get the convo expedited on the Shopify side. You can reach me via email @ rj at or twitter @robjama.
@dimitry_apollonsky Hi, First of all great product. Although I have noticed that you are not charging anything but the sending fee. If you don't mind me asking you, how do you plan to make profit in the future? Are you going to charge your users some processing fee in the future(It is mentioned in your website that the pricing is introductory)? Thanks!
The Stripe-PayPal-Paybear transaction fee comparison is brilliant.
Nice landing page. Love the slider design for stripe PayPal and you guys
Add a link at the end of your YouTube video so you can drive people back to your site. ;)
@neilpatel Good tip! love your content :)
whoah, way to shit all over CoinBase Commerce by adding so many currencies and a WooCommerce + Prestashop integration so fast !
@brunocrosier Thanks Bruno, they stole a little of our thunder a week ago, but we're really excited about our opportunities here.
@dimitry_apollonsky falling in love with this.. very very nice all-round! how far are you from adding more cryptocurrencies? are any available for beta testing?
@brunocrosier We're still exploring the next few currencies we will be integrating - no ETA there quite yet. We'll make an announcement once we know.