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Any plans for iOS release?
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@benkimotwichell We plan to do it after we get some more feedback from Android users but I don't have any dates yet for that. We are also wondering what will be the best option to prompt iOS users with question about activities. For example we think about using new lock screen capabilities from iOS 10. What do you think about that?
@mrpawelmajda Thanks for getting back to me. Looking forward to ios version. The new ios 10 prompts sound like a great feature, but I wouldn't recommend your whole app requiring the new OS. A lot of people are resistant to upgrading (I have a 6s and I still don't want to). While we're talking about product, it might be a good idea to build in some type of auto tracking / integrations to make the app not completely reliant and user input. (If I missed those features, apologies, but I can't be sure as I can't download the app)
@benkimotwichell Thanks for the info! Auto-tracing integrations are something we are interested in but we want users have good control over it. We need to figure out good way of asking about recent activities on iOS anyway in order to give users ability to track everything they want. I curious what integrations would you be interested in?
@mrpawelmajda for switching between activities like working and exercising, self tracking makes sense. However, getting more specific data within those two activities could be super interesting. For example, and integration with something like could be great to see how much of 'work' time was actually productive. The same thing could apply with any fitness tracking app to see how productive any workout was. For me it's all about what you can make out of the data, and adding that second layer would make it more reliable and pull out any trends that I don't find with self reporting.
@benkimotwichell That seems like a very good idea - thanks. I was wondering how to provide information about productivity level on each occurrence of some activity. We will definitely think about implementing that.
Hello Product Hunt and thanks to @riaface for hunting us! We started SaveMyTime with the goal to create first time tracker that will picture the whole time distribution during the day. Not only sport, sleep or time spent on devices. We’ve always been obsessed with tracking our lives, but end up automatically tracking online activities using RescueTime and other activities using manual time trackers - but remembering to set up time tracker every time you begin new activity just isn’t right. That’s why we took advantage of nasty habit humans have - we unlock our phone over 120 times a day, which means every few minutes. The app replaces your standard lock screen with a simple question “What have you been doing since you last checked your phone?” and a few options. We simply analyze this data and provide users with statistics. PS. We’d love to give some giveaways to you guys but we can’t since everything we built is free :) Please hit us if you’ve got any feedback or suggestions for improvement. We’ve spent a year with 150 beta testers to make this product as simple and useful as possible and still looking for something to improve.
looks dope, I was actually searching for a neat time management tool and since it appears to be a pretty insightful app, I am most probably going to give it a go, fingers crossed pals! :)
@emil_zwierzchowski Thanks a lot - great to hear that! If you have any questions, let us know ;)
Hey guys! I've tested your app and it's really neat and simple to use. Setting the categories was a bit of a challenge - at some point I just had too many (ran out of space on home screen as well), but with fewer it was just not the right level of detail. Any good tips how to best set them up to get meaningful stats afterwards?
@elamustrun Thank you for your feedback! Yes, we are aware of it and we are still thinking about best solutions to this. The best approach to this for now would be to have the most important detail-level activities and some of the general ones. This way you can measure on more detail-level and also have general view on your time. Hope this will help you measure your time better :)
Very clever to use the lock screen for that, look forward to test this ! What's your long-term business model ?
@pbriod We would like to dive deeper into statistics and provide a lot more insights, like sugestions how to improve productivity/work-life balance, In-deph weekly and monthly reports and ability to seat goals. There is a lot more to be build in free version, but business model in future will be monthly subscription for aditional features :)