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A new way to track time and analyse productivity

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Paweł Majda
@mrpawelmajda · Co-Founder @ SaveMyTime
We are currently looking for Android Dev to join us as a co-founder! Anyone interested to make big impact in productivity space? For more information write us at hello@savemytime.co
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Benjamin Kimo Twichell
@benkimotwichell · Digital Nomad Marketing Consultant
Any plans for iOS release?
Paweł Majda
@mrpawelmajda · Co-Founder @ SaveMyTime
Hello Product Hunt and thanks to @riaface for hunting us! We started SaveMyTime with the goal to create first time tracker that will picture the whole time distribution during the day. Not only sport, sleep or time spent on devices. We’ve always been obsessed with tracking our lives, but end up automatically tracking online activities using RescueTime and … See more
Emil Zwierzchowski
looks dope, I was actually searching for a neat time management tool and since it appears to be a pretty insightful app, I am most probably going to give it a go, fingers crossed pals! :)
Ela Bednarek
@elamustrun · Co-founder of mongospector.com
Hey guys! I've tested your app and it's really neat and simple to use. Setting the categories was a bit of a challenge - at some point I just had too many (ran out of space on home screen as well), but with fewer it was just not the right level of detail. Any good tips how to best set them up to get meaningful stats afterwards?
Pascal Briod
@pbriod · Head of Product & Co-Founder, Monito
Very clever to use the lock screen for that, look forward to test this ! What's your long-term business model ?