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Save your favorite webpages to read later on Google

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No idea why they wouldn't just roll this into Keep and this reach parity with Evernote's offering.
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Interesting to see this right after the launch of the Save to Facebook button (details in @caseynewton's article on The Verge). @Eyal_Weiss also turned the Save to Facebook functionality into a Chrome Extension.
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@rrhoover @caseynewton @eyal_weiss . it should have a feature to import existing bookmark or sync the save across browsers.
I still don't have confidence that a Google side tool like this won't be shut down in the future, so why would I store my important data with it? They've got a tendency to put out neat extensions etc and never update them then shut them down.
What is this? I tried going to and got an error page.
@guy works for me.
@bentossell That's odd, I get this:
@guy that is weird!
@bentossell @guy same for me. Maybe it's geo-restricted for now.
@guy Same here. Maybe because of country restrictions. Google save isn't accessible from India.
This is nice but still doesn't beat Pocket. They should have released an app as well since most users are now on mobile. Releasing a web version as an "MVP" is ok for a startup, but Google should go full throttle on it. One of the main reasons we save a link is for reading later, and we usually have free time when on a mobile device - commuting, traveling, etc, so it makes no sense to have a web-only service. I think it is likely they will be releasing an app in the future, but it should have started as an app