SantaHunt 2017

The *unofficial* Product Hunt Secret Santa.

The community-run Secret Santa is back! We've been running this since 2015 with the incredible support of the Product Hunt team. So far, 1000+ people from 20+ countries have entered the exchange. We've seen people send awesome gifts so far! From Air Strike Catapults, to an essential "Field Guide to Cat's Butts." Join the fun!

Maya Turlington
Rita Viana
Carlos Perez
  • Rita Viana
    Rita VianaGraphic Designer

    It's fun and has cats gifs


    Sometimes you don't receive anything

    It's my 2nd year. Last year I sent and got something. This one, I sent and I am still waiting for my santapaws. Maybe I was forgotten, maybe I wasn't a good girl this year.

    Should have a reminder or something,

    Anyway, I can't wait for the 2018 edition. :)

    Rita Viana has used this product for one year.
Woohoo! Love this project. Thanks for kicking it off, @_soldier, @sadokx, and @lindsey_io. 🎉
This would be way cooler if you said it's run on ⭐️⭐️BLOCKCHAIN!!!!⭐️⭐️ SNTA token incoming
Bodacious. Last year someone got me a great gift! Looking forward to getting involved again.
Great Job !! Congratulations to @rrhoover and team for making this Christmas Special for everyone. Hoping this Christmas I get something good
@rrhoover @ayush_chandra Okay, did you see that this is unofficial? :)
@rrhoover @arunsathiya It’s written on it.😊
@rrhoover @ayush_chandra So, Ryan and the team didn't make this. :)
Uh oh, 404 error. Edit: 404 fixed! 🎅
@frantzlight Hello Chris, we've been receiving user registrations with no issues. Could you please tell me whether the error is appearing in the website or at the moment you are submitting the information?
@frantzlight @_soldier I get the 404 error too. It's because the link here is wrong.
@frantzlight @idahole_dot_com Sorry, it's been fixed :)