Structured Content Platform. Customizable ReactJS editor.

Since their 2017 launch, Sanity have released:
- Automatic setup on Netlify and Github from starters
- Real-time Gatsby source plugin
- Document history & rollback
- Editing environment redesign
- GraphQL API (Beta)
- Field validations
- New rich text editor
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22 Reviews5.0/5
Hi I’m Even! I’m a developer and designer that used to work on websites for international clients at Bengler where originated. I now run product at Sanity with our team here in Oslo. In two weeks I move to the Bay Area with my family. Wish me luck! is a platform for structured content. The backend is hosted so we take care of monitoring and traffic spikes, yet we ship you the editing environment as a React.js application so you can customize with code. So import your content, iterate on free-form schemas, build UIs to suit your editors and distribute to any device, channel or product. To try it out either `npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init` in your terminal or drop by to have us set up a complete install for you with a working front-end in React, Vue or Svelte on Netlify.
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Love this product! Easily cut our development time in half. 🥳
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Sanity is awesome. We're moving all our stuff to Sanity ❤️
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Sanity Is unmatched in the headless CMS space. Their team is also extremely helpful and answer your questions usually within minutes in their slack.
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I've been in love with Sanity for over a year now, it's allowed our agency to create much more complex websites, in less time 😍 I even wrote a piece on why it's so great: (if I were to re-write it today, there'd be even more praises haha)
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