Samsung Space Monitor

Samsung's new monitor designed to save desk space

Samsung introduces a new innovative monitor called Space Monitor that enhances work efficiency by providing more desk space. When you are not using your monitor on the desk, revert to store flat against the wall to boost productivity

The monitor isn't new, it's just the monitor stand. You can achieve the same effect with a VESA-mounted monitor stand.
@joshuapinter It is actually a step back from VESA since there is limited adjustment.
@joshuapinter functionally you're right, but this Samsung one is kind of cool since it can just clamp into your desk and is less clunky.
Another super exciting announcement from CES 2019, not only is this monitor beautiful with its edge to edge display, but so practical, it gives you the power of a full monitor without taking up any space
Nice but you just can't have a dual monitor with this since you need to tilt them a little.