Samsung Galaxy S9

The new flagship with a reimagined camera

Samsung announced two new phones, the S9 and the S9 Plus with more advanced camera than ever.

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Del Williams
Founder, Thinking Anew Media
You know what's hilarious about cellphones now? They all focus on the camera, not the phone. In reality, we've all been paying for expensive cameras.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting @olegkramarenko are you looking forward to getting your hands on one? I haven't owned a Samsung for some time but all my friends with one are so devoted, it is tempting. Especially as iPhone isn't innovating much beyond the camera/unlocking features these days...
Oleg Kramarenko
Software Engineer & Analyst
@abadesi Not yet decided I want to use this phone as the main one or not, but I definitely want to try the new camera, slow-mo at 960 fps and the dynamic aperture looks very interesting, no one makes a dynamic aperture in phones before. I saw some examples of photos and they looked very good.
I love this amazing borderless displays in Samsung phones. One more reason why I am going to switch to Android.
jeremy carson
Data-Driven Creative
does it still have the spontaneously-burst-into-flames mode?
Daeshawn Ballard
Avid learner
Looks cool. Curious to see how the animated emojis work out.