Samsung Galaxy S9

The new flagship with a reimagined camera

Samsung announced two new phones, the S9 and the S9 Plus with more advanced camera than ever.

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You know what's hilarious about cellphones now? They all focus on the camera, not the phone. In reality, we've all been paying for expensive cameras.
Thanks for hunting @olegkramarenko are you looking forward to getting your hands on one? I haven't owned a Samsung for some time but all my friends with one are so devoted, it is tempting. Especially as iPhone isn't innovating much beyond the camera/unlocking features these days...
@abadesi Not yet decided I want to use this phone as the main one or not, but I definitely want to try the new camera, slow-mo at 960 fps and the dynamic aperture looks very interesting, no one makes a dynamic aperture in phones before. I saw some examples of photos and they looked very good.
I love this amazing borderless displays in Samsung phones. One more reason why I am going to switch to Android.
Great job!! Liked the concept and the design of new S9 !! Would love to see more new features 😊
does it still have the spontaneously-burst-into-flames mode?