Make (and record) beats on your keyboard

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I need an autotune web app and I'm game. Oh yeah, also needs ANOTHER ONE.
@ianissoawesome no doubt, just updated with it
@stevespaced nice! tho it seems unplayable on my Macbook Air. Which key is it mapped to?
@ianissoawesome it's mapped to ?/ (question mark, forward slash) I think I know the issue... working on a fix :)
@stevespaced Nah, that's Guitar 5 for me :( keep up the good work man :)
Beautifully designed, @stevespaced. I wish I could export my masterpieces though. The whole world needs to hear them. Incredibox is another one of my favorite browser-based beat-making apps.
@rrhoover Damn spent so much time using Incredibox I was playing around with Sample Stitch last weekend too ha
@rrhoover Maybe a soundcloud export option! :D
@rrhoover I agree an export would be nice. Overall this is a very beautiful website and functions very smoothly.
@rrhoover this is just what I'm looking for! needs export :)
This is rad!! Would be cool to be able to loop sounds. Or is that already a thing and I'm missing it?
:) very enjoyable. Keyboard style design is nice.