Samorost 3

An exploration adventure and puzzle game

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Tim Jones
Tim Jones@timbjones · Product Growth Manager @ Keepsafe
Machinarium was one of my favorite adventure puzzle games with an astounding OST. Can't wait to find some time and play this (probably never).
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@timbjones LOVE Machinarium. This is beautiful.
Zack Goehner
Zack Goehner@zgoehner · Design / UX / Product / Strategy
Another brilliant release in the Samorost series by the Amanita Design team. They've outdone themselves with this lushly gorgeous creation. Positively inspiring. (If you're new to Samorost, check out their first game, released back in 2003. Best Flash game ever created, hands down. )
Grant Hosford
Grant Hosford@codesparkceo · CEO, codeSpark
Started playing this on a flight from DC to LA. Beautiful story telling and walks the line perfectly between help and letting you figure things out...
Vitaliy Rotenberg
Vitaliy Rotenberg@rotenbergvs · Frontend developer, Nevermind-IT
I like it. Indie can make beautiful and pretty games.