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Samepage facilitates communication, project management, running meetings, online collaboration and more by combining team chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, task management, file sharing, and document collaboration in a single collaborative workspace.

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48 Reviews5.0/5
I love Samepage! Coming from the large organization to a small and nimble company, I was looking for a Sharepoint alternative... but more flexible and easier to use. I found Samepage. The tool is very simple and flexible, and has all core capabilities a person might need to organize projects or build an "intranet" for the team. Very easy to learn! Highly recommend!
We love Samepage. It has the perfect balance of power and ease-of-use. We're a design agency and we use it to not only manage all of our projects internally, but we also use it to work with clients and contractors. It's secure, fast, and full of great tools we rely on every day to share files, manage our to-do lists, and communicate. Absolutely love Samepage.

Full disclosure - I work at Samepage. Great company, full of very smart and talented people. Its the only tool we use internally for video communication, group chat, file sharing, task management, and real-time document editing. We couldn't live without it.


The team communication is EXCELLENT and so is the task management. I can get most of my work done without ever having to leave the app.


I don't know of any better alternative to Samepage for real-time team collaboration and project management.

We love Samepage. We have used this product and gone through the transitions with them and at each step they have answered key challenges. Mobility, real time, simplicity are all key ingredients for our collaboration. Samepage definitely addresses that and more. One huge differentiation though is just how easy it is to get support. All in all they are a very engaging team and can respond to any query in a short time.

Have you used this tool for many years. Transitioned with them and have evolved to now using it as our main communication engine.


Easy to use and consistent interface across devices. Simple to configure and flexible.


Does not show up as an option when the share key (<) is pressed on an Android phone.