A simple, secure and free to use tool for sharing secrets

About is a free to use tool for sharing one-time secrets. modern cypher algorithms are being used for encrypting your secrets, once a secret got revealed it will totally disappear. has a nice slack integration to create a new secret immediately in your slack channel

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Product magician ✨

The link can be stolen by a middle man and there goes your secret, unless you use a passphrase.

It's essentially pastebin with longer links, and automatic deletion when it arrives.

I love the design language though, it's gorgeous.


Beautiful design


Not really useful or secure aside from the delete when viewed part

Highly suggest you simplify the homepage to the bare essentials.

Senior Software Engineer, B.Sc.
The link means nothing if you don't know the context of the secret. Assume you need to send a password "th1s1s4s3cr3t"to your friend. Only you both know what the password is for. And if you agree to a passphrase by speech access to the secret is further difficult.
Tinkerer obsessed with space.

Make it simpler. Just one, non-scrollable page with just a text-field and a send button would be enough.


Cool idea


Way too complex UI

Senior Software Engineer, B.Sc.
Hi and thanks for your review. Sad to read that UI doesn't fit your needs. Actually it's a first landing page and we will improve the website step by step. That's why we're really thankful for your ideas and input. Kind regards.
Vertigrated, Inc.

cryptography is easy to do wrong and incredibly hard to do correctly. without any source to examine this is just a way to steal your secrets because you can not audit what it actually does, how it does it and if it actually does what it says.


none that I can see since there is no source


no source, so no way to tell if this actually does what it claims.