A simple, secure and free to use tool for sharing secrets

#5 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2017 is a free to use tool for sharing one-time secrets. modern cypher algorithms are being used for encrypting your secrets, once a secret got revealed it will totally disappear. has a nice slack integration to create a new secret immediately in your slack channel

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Hi! Great idea! I wonder why it doesn't have more upvotes!
@krzysztof_baczkiewicz Hi, I'm not sure - maybe I missed something in the description or tags... really don't know sorry.
@krzysztof_baczkiewicz @mrtnschndlr It look pretty nice :) I recommand you to read the article by Product Hunt about how to launch a product hunt :)
@antoineakt Thank you for your advice! :-)
Pros: Seems like a great app Cons: Website copy turned me down. "Reveil" a secret.. I think you meant "Reveal."
@rgenzon Thanks for your feedback! Of course it has to be "reveal"... I'm gonna fix that. Could you get me more information about the website copy thing? Maybe I'm able to improve that! Thanks!
@mrtnschndlr absolutely! Feel free to DM me your email
Hi. Nice ideas. Here are few things that I would add: a. Add option to add images/videos to the secret - that will be awesome. b. Make the option to create accounts. On UI/UX I will change also few things: Make this salt much smaller, or maybe even replace it with the video, so people know what's the product about. Other than that great product.
@nicolaepase oh thanks for your advice! I will keep that in mind 😊
Swordfish, classic Recess reference!
Why do need to advertise "Date a Filipino Woman" on your landing page?
@ravsydney thanks for your feedback. Actually this service is free to use and therefor I did integrate Google AdSense advertising to cover the server costs. The type of advertising that will be shiwn depends on your search behavior.